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DOD claims to be contributing contracting expertise to OWS-
COVID-19 virus will stay with us for next ten years, says BioNTech CEO-…
Wapo source for unvaccinated hospitalizations assumes efficacy (check “Methodology” section)-

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Understanding SolarWinds, Cybersecurity, and Attribution ft. CyberCharles Sun, 14 Mar 2021 18:00:00 -0700 54833e96-e744-45b9-a560-357630b3d048 Solar WInds Hack and Russia Planning Doc

Topics to Discuss
Solar Winds Campaign
Campaign needs to be broken into three segments
Compromise of software supply chain, Solar Winds organization, Orion code
Sunspot malware (Source:
“It was likely built on 2020-02-20 11:40:02, according to the build timestamp found in the binary, which is consistent with the currently assessed StellarParticle supply chain attack timeline.”
“StellarParticle operators maintained the persistence of SUNSPOT by creating a scheduled task set to execute when the host boots.”
“The malware then grants itself debugging privileges by modifying its security token to add SeDebugPrivilege. This step is a prerequisite for the remainder of SUNSPOT’s execution, which involves reading other processes’ memory.”
“...the malware checks for the presence of a second mutex...This mutex was likely intended to be used by StellarParticle operators to discreetly stop the malware, instead of using a riskier method such as killing the process. Stopping SUNSPOT in the middle of its operation could result in unfinished tampering of the Orion source code, and lead to Orion build errors that SolarWinds developers would investigate, revealing the adversary’s presence…”
“When SUNSPOT finds the Orion solution file path in a running MsBuild.exe process, it replaces a source code file in the solution directory, with a malicious variant to inject SUNBURST while Orion is being built.”
“SUNSPOT appends an entry in the log file with the date and time of the backdoor attempt and waits for the MsBuild.exe process to exit before restoring the original source code and deleting the temporary InventoryManager.bk file. If the Orion solution build is successful, it is backdoored with SUNBURST.”
Persistence using scheduled tasks, triggered at boot time
Use of AES128-CBC to protect the targeted source code files and the backdoored source code file in the binary
Use of RC4 encryption with a hard-coded key to protect the log file entries
Log entries from different executions of the malware that are separated with a hard-coded value 32 78 A5 E7 1A 79 91 AC
Log file creation in the system temp directory C:\Windows\Temp\vmware-vmdmp.log masquerading as a legitimate VMWare log file
Detection of the targeted Visual Studio solution build by reading the virtual memory of MsBuild.exe processes, looking for the targeted solution filename
Access to the remote process arguments made via the remote process’s PEB structure
Replacement of source code files during the build process, before compilation, by replacing file content with another version containing SUNBURST
Insertion of the backdoor code within #pragma statements disabling and restoring warnings, to prevent the backdoor code lines from appearing in build logs
Check of the MD5 hashes of the original source code and of the backdoored source code to ensure the tampering will not cause build errors
Attempt to open a non-existing mutex to detect when the malware operators want the backdoor to stop execution and safely exit
Infection of thousands of Solar Winds customers by malware
Subsequent APT compromises of select organizations
‘According to FireEye, the hackers gained “access to victims via trojanized updates to SolarWinds’ Orion IT monitoring and management software”. Basically, a software update was exploited to install the ‘Sunburst’ malware into Orion, which was then installed by more than 17,000 customers.’

‘Once installed, the malware gave a backdoor entry to the hackers to the systems and networks of SolarWinds’ customers. More importantly, the malware was also able to thwart tools such as anti-virus that could detect it.’
Supply-chain compromises
Trojan Malware
Resilience, weak points
“Those unable to update are told to isolate “SolarWinds servers” and it should “include blocking all Internet egress from SolarWinds servers”.:
Cyber-corporate infrastructure, “too big to fail vs. too interwoven to fail”?
“In one previously unreported issue, multiple criminals have offered to sell access to SolarWinds’ computers through underground forums, according to two researchers who separately had access to those forums.”
“By consolidating identity and access natively in the cloud, tenants relieve themselves from the burden of managing the federation of authentication and the on-premises service, and gain more of the protections that the cloud provider has in place, including system hardening, configuration and monitoring.”
Common practice is for enterprises to move infrastructure into “the cloud” to effectively outsource many functions, including cybersecurity and security configuration.
The issues of locality and territoriality
“The ability of actors to conduct this attack hinges on the initial compromise of customer on-premises systems. Without administrative access to the on-premises identity provider, actors would not be able to generate tokens for use in the cloud. Follow NSA guidance on locking down endpoint systems, beginning with keeping systems patched and software updated [20].”
A common defense measure is to key in on IP addresses in other countries, or from suspiciously distant locales
UNC2452 used VPNs to simulate appropriate login locations and avoid detection.
Multiple Vectors
In our investigations and through collaboration with our industry peers, we have confirmed several additional compromise techniques leveraged by the actor, including password spraying, spearphishing, use of webshell, through a web server, and delegated credentials.”
VMWare Command injection vulnerability
MFA bypass
‘“MFA threat modeling generally doesn’t include a complete system compromise of an OWA server,” Ars’ Dan Goodin wrote. “The level of access the hacker achieved was enough to neuter just about any defense.”’
SAML compromise
“Note that these TTPs (in and of themselves) do not constitute vulnerabilities in the design principles of federated identity management, the SAML protocol, or on-premises and cloud identity services. The security of identity federation in any cloud environment directly depends on trust in the on-premises components that perform authentication, assign privileges, and sign SAML tokens. If any of these components is compromised, then the trust in authentication tokens from the components is misplaced and can be abused for unauthorized access.”
State of Cybersecurity sector in the US
Impact of SolarWinds hack
“Scope and Impact: It is estimated that 18,000+ organizations that downloaded the trojaned software from SolarWinds were potentially impacted by this event. It is reasonable to assume that enterprises and government organizations will be dealing with the fallout from this for several months, and those who do not have the staff or resources to adequately respond to this type of event may languish in a state of unknown certainty indefinitely.”
Lessons to be drawn?
In many ways, the threat actor behind this campaign bypassed the most common policies and best practices
Two-factor authentication
Code signing
Hybrid network infrastructure, some on-premise some in the cloud
Third-party vendors supplying multiple parts of the network
Large, common enterprise business solutions, such as Office 365
Some cybersecurity breaches are the result of policies (or lack thereof) that can be reformed. In this case, reliance on these kinds of protections are likely to increase in the future
Cybersecurity vendors
Links to industrial and infrastructure security
What the US considers “Critical cyber infrastructure”
Software and Information Technology supply chain

Episode 29 Tue, 09 Mar 2021 12:00:00 -0800 4ebf7d02-cd03-4c79-a02f-962d6591f240 Collected Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges

Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney

The Minimal Self by Christopher Lasch

Rick Roderick on Kant:

The Politics by Aristotle

The Republic by Plato (Bloom translation)

The Political Writings by Kant

Critique of Judgment by Kant

Critique of Pure Reason by Kant

Episode 28 Bibliography Tue, 02 Mar 2021 18:00:00 -0800 ca9cc7fa-01a7-42d7-be58-9b9d0dbf59d5

Shorting the Grid by Meredith Angwin

Episode 27 Bibliography Sun, 28 Feb 2021 15:45:00 -0800 1f8320ff-5079-4588-9123-b29e02712cb6

Bayesian view on trial statistics:
Jacob Stegenga (2018) Medical Nihilism

NHLBI trial null effects:
Kaplan & Irvin (2015) Likelihood of Null Effects of Large NHLBI Clinical Trials Has Increased over Time

Bayesian low incidence rate uncertainty:
Yasin Memari (2021) Low incidence rate of COVID-19 undermines confidence inestimation of the vaccine efficacy

E484K variant mutation effects on vaccine efficacy:Jacqui Wise (2021) Covid-19: The E484K mutation and the risks it poses

Israeli one-dose vaccine data:
Elisabeth Mahase (2021) Covid-19: Reports from Israel suggest one dose of Pfizer vaccine could be less effective than expected

Efficacy of natural infection in preventing reinfection:
Hall et al. (2021) Do antibody positive healthcare workers have lower SARS-CoV-2 infection rates than antibody negative healthcare workers?

Industry prior belief on mRNA effect of 4-10x natural response:
Charles Schmidt (2021) New COVID Vaccines Need Absurd Amounts of Material and Labor

Earlier investigation of mRNA vax production:
Jonas Neubert (2021) Exploring the Supply Chain of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines

Speculation re: mRNA vax formulation bottlenecks:
Derek Lowe (2021) Opinion: A straightforward explanation why more COVID-19 vaccines can’t be produced with help from ‘dozens’ of companies

Medicial Nihilism by Stegenga

We Have Never Been Modern by Bruno Latour

Labratory Life by Bruno Latour

Episode 26 Bibliography Tue, 23 Feb 2021 19:00:00 -0800 ec9a0c9d-a4e6-4690-87f3-017097996c68 Matt's corrections:

Podcast notes
-Early on (before the clap) I say that Citadel owns a stake in Robinhood. Citadel does NOT own a large stake in Robinhood. I was under this impression because I had recently read a Reddit post claiming so. As always, not everything we read on the internet is true (more on this falsehood and how it propagated here: Citadel did bailout Melvin Capital. Most importantly, Citadel is Robinhood’s primary market maker; their primary source of shares for clients/users. More on the relationship between citadel and Robinhood here:
-when defining hedge funds, I casually say that one can invest in a hedge fund through a retirement account. This is false. Hedge funds are not typically available to small investors through retirement accounts, but rather are marketed exclusively to a relatively small group of large investors. John was very correct to emphasize the exclusive “boutique” nature of hedge funds. Other aspects of hedge funds worth mentioning are that they usually traded very liquid assets.
-I say that u/DeepFuckingValue worked as a financial advisor. This is at least imprecise. u/DeepFuckingValue did not work as a financial advisor during his initial investment in GME, but did work as a “financial well-being coach”.
-I described margin calls and clearing house correctly, but did incorrectly say at some point that one can meet margin requirements by buying stock. To cover margin, one need not buy back shares. One can simply put money in one’s brokerage account in order to cover margin. One buys back shares and returns them to the lender only when one closes out the short position entirely.
-61:22. I say that trades sometimes settle two or three days after they are made. This is less precise than it should have been. Trades settle with clearing houses two days after trades are executed, this is commonly called t+2 settlement. Robinhood’s CEO has talked about having the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) move to real-time settlement, and industry changes as well as regulations to that effect have been discussed in the aftermath of GME’s wild ride.
-Another key regulatory point I failed to mention involved transparency of hedge funds. Reporting requirements for hedge funds are notoriously limited. Some funds provide extensive information about their trades and positions, investors, and manager compensation, but they are not legally required to and many keep these things secret. Some commentators have discussed new regulations that would require such disclosures. This podcast is a good deep dive on the regulatory questions:
-At certain points throughout the pod, I incorrectly characterize “payment for order flow”. You and John describe payment for order flow correctly, I sometimes do not. Payment for order flow is the practice where market makers pay brokers to process their trades in order to receive real time order data of the broker’s clients. Market makers can use this data to enhance their own trading strategies and risk management. You’re both right that all the typical privacy and surveillance-capitalism concerns apply, but payment for order flow has enabled brokers to eliminate commissions and make it easier for retail investors to trade.
-at the end I say something like, “I find it hard to look at all these events and say they mean that there is something deep and fundamentally broken about the system.” I wish I had clarified this. There is currently a distressing decoupling between stock market prices and real economic activity, and the GameStop saga is one example of that, but I see it as just a symptom. Numerous trends far upstream of the particulars of the GameStop story do concern me. These include unprecedented levels and pace of central bank money creation and asset purchases, especially purchases of corporate bonds and other non-government securities (btw, those purchases managed by Blackrock), along with government stimulus. Countless financial journalists have been sounding the alarm that government policies have encouraged an “everything bubble”, and if there’s something to be deeply concerned about in the GameStop story, it’s the possibility that the hysteria and irrational exuberance surrounding WallStreetBets are a symptom of a broader bubble.
-another point that I should have made was that many other online trading platforms and brokers suspended trading for GME AMC and other stocks discussed on WSB. These included WeBull, Cash App, and TD Ameritrade. The liquidity problem affecting clearing houses and brokers was not isolated to Robinhood, though most of the GME retail trading frenzy seems to have been done by Robinhood users, along with large investors not on Robinhood.

Here are some of those articles:

On relevant SEC regulations:

On Central bank monetary policy:

Margin debt (money borrowed to pay for stock purchases) has risen dramatically:

Matt Levine’s now prophetic article on the short squeeze Reddit situation:

A concise take I pretty much totally agree with:

On clearing houses and market infrastructure:

Specifically about the DTCC:

What’s an option?:

What’s short selling?:

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Organizational Narcissism:

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Supply Chain Challenges for Single-Use Systems

Some citations from Canada Mike:

classic bioprocesses:

single use processes:

single use systems in COVID development platforms:

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Correction: The Charlie Rose interview with Lord Goldsmith and Laura Tyson was about GATT not NAFTA. It's available here.

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Entrepreneurbrain Schema:

Self/Brand Collapse - The foundation
Chosen Family - The foundation

Hustle-harderism - Jessica Silverman
Ahab Syndrome - Elizabeth Holmes
Osho Syndrome - Adam Neumann
Unnovation - Matchabros, Alfred Coffee, Juicero

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Some of the bands we mention:





Left Behind



"Hustle Hard" by Ace Hood

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Other Podcasts:

"Behind the News: Christian Parenti" hosted by Doug Henwood

"/145/The End of Conservatism ft. Julius Krein" hosted by Aufhebungabunga

Books we pull from:

_Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism _by Ha-Joon Chang

Class Struggle and the New Deal: Industrial Labor, Industrial Capital, and the State by Rhonda F. Levine

_Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal: 1932-1940 _ by William E. Leuchtenberg

The World Is Flat 3.0: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Thomas L. Friedman

Videos on Bell Labs that John references: